• Recover Soap - 6 Pack

Recover Soap - 6 Pack

$ 39.00

You are UNSTOPPABLE so let DIRTYBIRD take care of the recharge with our Recover 6-Pack.

Our 6 Pack now includes 1 improved screw top case along with a 5 pack refill tube.  We want to do our part in protecting this wonderful planet.  After talking to many of our loyal customers, we found that most people do not need a case with every bar of soap.  So we brought in the Recycled Paper Tubes in to support getting your soap to you in a more earth friendly way and can help you save a little money.  We also made our case a little more robust since you will want them to last longer.  While we were at it we made them easier to open with a screw top as well!

You are the person who runs faster jumps higher and takes everything a little further, so never run out! In case you missed it (because you are always on the move), this action-packed body bar is formulated with a targeted trio of Arnica, Eucalyptus and Rosemary extracts to help soothe away sensations of aches, pains and inflammation from whatever life has to hand you. Additionally, natural Sunflower Seed Oil beads help to smooth and buff away dirt, grime and roughness to allow optimal absorption of actives while Palm & Coconut oil leave your skin feeling softer and more comfortable.

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