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    Scientific studies suggest that the majority of ingredients in soap are absorbed into the skin.  We start every bar of soap with a premium natural base including coconut oil and sustainable palm oil which moisturize and clean the skin.  NO Parabens, Sulfates, or other bad stuff.


    Jojoba beads made from jojoba oil are a natural, non-allegenic, gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin for a glowing complexion.


    The soap is infused with essential oils to promote performance.  We infuse peppermint oil into the Energy Bar charge the body and awaken the senses.  The Relax Bar is infused with lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, and rosemary oils to help you rest after a long day or hard workout.


    Each bar comes in our patented reusable and resealable case so you can take Dirty Bird with you on the go as well as provide convenient storage for the soap.

  • CAFFEINE (Energy Bar Only)

    The natural caffeine delivers anti-oxidants to the skin.  So it not only energizes your body it also tightens the skin improving appearance.  Caffeine is commonly used in beauty products to reduce cellulite and bags under the eyes.


    We created a huge 5.5 oz bar to last longer than other soap.  Since it provides such a great experience we wanted you to have more time with it.  Our bar is 30% larger than other leading brands.