Dirtybird Energy

Dirtybird Energy

Hey, we know life is messy and quite frankly it’s exhausting. What if you could kill two birds with one stone, while being environmentally friendly? Our premium soap bars are made with jojoba beads which are exfoliants AND they are biodegradable, pretty neat stuff. Did we mention that our soap is caffeinated? Like we said, life is exhausting and everyone deserves a kick start to their day.

This isn’t a gimmick or a novelty.

It's just a really good bar of soap. With antioxidants and premium ingredients that are actually good for you and your skin! Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, peppermint oil, and caffeine – that’s it, that’s all you get and that’s all you need.

Our soap bar is perfect to take to the gym or if you are on the road. The soap is compact and comes with a durable and recyclable case which is reusable. The case has two layers of plastic to help keep it sealed, that way the soap doesn’t get all over your bag!

We understand that you need to find an extra gear to get ahead. You are looking to improve yourself every single day, you do not rest on your laurels, you move forward and look to succeed. You are constantly working, constantly being productive, you are highly motivated, but finding and edge can be tricky. We are the edge you’re looking for, we are your extra gear, we are your stepping stone to success, we are your secret weapon. We are Dirtybird Energy.