Caffeine: Channeling that energy behind "DirtyBird Energy"

At DirtyBird, we’re always looking to better our process, innovate new products, and ensure that our soap both nourishes and energizes your skin. But what benefits does caffeine truly have? 

Completing our own research, we’ve found that studies show that the antioxidant properties and acidity of coffea arabica prove beneficial for your skin. When added to skin care, caffeine can not only energize but also tighten skin for better health and an improved appearance. At DirtyBird, we’ve always been obsessed with the fact that caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, however; we do make it clear that it is hard to know how much or if any caffeine is absorbed during a shower. This is due to many factors: how much is applied, how long do you use the soap, and the fact that every person is different. As such, we remain focused on skin health and the benefits caffeine brings to that effort. Yet over the years, we often hear "I don't know if the caffeine is doing anything but after using the Original Bar, I feel awake in the morning and my skin feels great". This is why we keep seeking out innovative, healthy and all-natural ingredients. 

On top of our use of caffeine, how else are striving to rethink the soap game? Well, we are taking to the extra steps! We practice milling over slicing our soap. Milling removes moisture which means our bars are made of MORE soap and LESS water. So at the end of the day, your soap lasts longer and is better for that lathering wash.

Get your daily dose of caffeine infused soap with our carefully formulated products!