How to place an order

• To add an item to your shopping cart when visiting a product page, select the desired quantity and click the “add to cart” button.

• When you have completed adding items to cart, select the shopping cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to begin the checkout process.

• Follow the prompts during checkout to enter your billing and shipping information and complete your order.

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Discounts and promotions

• We occasionally offer promotional discounts and pricing to our customers. To receive exclusive access to DIRTYBIRD ENERGY sales, promotions and discounts, signup for our Newsletter and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

• If you have a Discount Code you would like to use, enter it during the first page of the checkout process. If you are using a desktop computer, you will find the Discount Code field on the right side of your screen under Order Summary. On a tablet or other mobile device, the Discount Code field can be located at the top of your screen by expanding the text field Discount Code and Order Summary.

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Price guarantee

• If you find a lower price at one of our Authorized Retailers, we would be happy to match that price on orders within 14 days of receiving your product. Please contact us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com.

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Shipping policy and rates

• All Club Subscriptions and 6-Pack orders receive "Everyday Free Shipping".**

Order Value

Standard (3-7 days)

2nd Day Air

Next Day Air

AK, HI, Puerto Rico and US Territories**

Up to $9.99

$3 Flat Rate

$20 Flat Rate

$30 Flat Rate

$25 Flat Rate

$10 to $29.99

$5.95 Flat Rate

$20 Flat Rate

$30 Flat Rate

$25 Flat Rate

$30 and Up

Free Shipping

$20 Flat Rate

$30 Flat Rate

$25 Flat Rate

** Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Territories and Canada are not eligible for Everyday Free Shipping", only Standard shipping is available as outlined in the chart above. Canadian orders are subject to applicable duties, taxes or customs charges.

• Our orders ship Monday through Friday using UPS and UPS SurePost, except for observed UPS holidays and natural disasters that may delay shipments. Date of delivery will depend upon the UPS or USPS postal carriers in your area.

• Orders with standard shipping, placed Sunday through Thursday, will ship within 48 hours of the time your order is placed. 

• If order is placed on a US Holiday, Friday or Saturday, it will be shipped on the following business day.  

• At this time, the only country outside of the US and US Territories eligible for International Shipping is Canada. We currently do not offer International Shipping to other countries. For questions, comments or more information, please contact customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com.

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Return policy & procedure 

• If for some reason, you are not satisfied with anything you purchased from our online store, you may return it to us within thirty (30) days of the receipt date for an exchange or refund.

• We do not refund shipping charges, and you are responsible for paying the cost of shipping the product(s) back to us (including the cost of insurance, if you choose to insure the package).

• After thirty (30) days, we will not accept returns or exchanges for any reason other than for manufacturer defect.

• Please include a note in your package indicating your original order number, your reason(s) for returning the product(s), and whether you want an exchange or refund. Ship your package to: 

Attn: Returns Dept.
4013 Premier Avenue
Memphis, TN 38118

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Cancelling an order

• If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us immediately at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com. We will make our best effort, but if your order processes quickly, we cannot guarantee the ability to cancel an order before it ships.

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Where to find us 

• We don’t have our own brick-and-mortars (yet), you can find us at events like Rugged Maniac where we are an official partner (woohoo!). Our products are also available at select Authorized Retailers. Please email us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com for more information.

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What are the benefits?

• Auto-ship reordering and custom delivery dates with free shipping.

• Club members receive the exclusive ability to order mixed 6-packs, receive VIP discounts, event invites, early access to try new products, and free gear & swag from time to time.

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How do I join?

• No fees, no confusing membership signups, cancel or skip or edit your auto-shipments at any time.

• To join, visit Join the Club and select your custom 6-Pack. Checkout by selecting the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to begin your Club subscription!

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How do I update, skip, reschedule or cancel my auto-shipments? 

• To make edits your subscription, simply Login to your account and select the “Manage Subscription” option from the left-hand column to view and edit your current Club subscriptions.

• After the next screen has finished loading, you will see all of your current subscriptions.

• Click the "Manage" link in the right-hand column of the subscription you would like to edit. From there, you can update payment information, update addresses, view/edit upcoming subscriptions or view past transactions. 

• If your order has already begun to ship and you need to make an adjustment, please contact customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com and we will make our best attempt to assist you.

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How do I add products to existing auto-shipments? 

• At this time, we cannot add additional items to auto-shipments. Stay tuned for exciting updates to our Club subscriptions.

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• Yes, Soap!

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Can I eat it?

• No. Although we try to include the most natural ingredients in our products, like all other soap and body care products, they are not intended for ingestion by any animals. If you or someone you know has tried to eat one of our products (please don’t), contact Poison Control immediately.

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Why Caffeine?

• When absorbed into the skin, it gives your body a (little) boost of energy and antioxidants, helps to smooth and tighten the appearance of your skin, encourage improved circulation!

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Where do you get your Caffeine from?

• Coffee beans!

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Will it make me jittery?

• It’s not likely, and not intended to feel like soaking in a bathtub full of your favorite coffee (mmm), but everyone reacts differently so give it a try and let us know by emailing us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com.

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Can I use the ENERGY bar at night?

• Because of its get-up-and-go qualities, we recommend using our ENERGY bar during the day (every day!). For night time use, we recommend using our Relax and Recover bars.

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Is it all natural? 

• We are Paraben-free and Sulfate-free!

• We use many naturally derived ingredients in our products such as CAFFEINE, Coconut Oil, Peppermint, Lavender, Radish Root and MORE! To maintain the stability of our products we must use some preservatives to maintain that they hold up from first use to last “sud” while in your possession.

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What is the base ingredient in your soaps?

• Our primary base is a blend of Coconut Oil and Palm Oil.

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Is Palm Oil sustainable?

• Yes, our Palm Oil is certified by RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil)

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Is it good for sensitive skin? 

• Although we use as many natural products as possible, on occasion they may feel to stimulating for some people. If you have a history of sensitive skin, we recommend checking with your dermatologist before use.

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What if I have Eczema, Psoriasis or other skin conditions?

• Please consult your dermatologist.

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Can I use your products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

• Please consult your doctor.

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Do you test on animals? 

• Our products are only tested on humans to ensure they work as intended.

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Is it vegan? 

• We do not use any animal products or bi-products.

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Can I use it on my face? 

• Our products are only approved and intended for use on your body.

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Are the exfoliating beads biodegradable?  

• Yes! Our beads are all-natural and comprised of Jojoba or Sunflower Oils.  

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How do you pronounce Jojoba?  


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What about the coloring of the beads?

• We do not use any dyes in our products, only naturally derived coloring.

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Why ROUND soap?

• Firstly, we’re not squares, we like to think outside the box! AND we’ve found that round soap is easier to hold in the shower and dissolves more evenly from first use to last “sud”.

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Why the water-tight packaging?

• Portability! Take it with you to the gym, camping or anywhere else that you need a quick invigorating, relaxing or refreshing lather.

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How do I open the packaging?

• To open, pry open the edges on one side of the packaging then pull the edges apart. The package should pop right open!

• To close, place your soap, wet or dry, back into one side of the package and press firmly until the package pops closed again!

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When are you launching new products?  

We are constantly working to expand our line. Our latest arrival is the Recover Bar. With new body products arriving late Summer 2017, sign up for our Newsletter (scroll down to the footer) or Join the Club to hear about new products first! Have any suggestions? Email us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com.

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Why DIRTYBIRD? And why the Rooster?

• DIRTYBIRD is a play on “Earlybird” and like the rooster, we aim to get you up and moving in the morning (or after a hard workout).

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Why Relax and Recover if you are an Energy brand?

• To get the best start on your day, your body needs to relax and recover from a heavy workout with a good night’s sleep!

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Why Green M&Ms?

• Just making sure you’re still reading the FAQs, way to go!

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Have you guys been on Shark Tank?  

• We’ve gotten this far without them!

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How do I help spread the word about DBE?

• Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, share our posts and let everyone know how much you love us!

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How do I become a DIRTYBIRD ambassador?  

• Reach out to us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com

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Interested in carrying DIRTYBIRD ENERGY in your gym or store?

• Contact us at customerservice@dirtybirdenergy.com.

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