About Us

All-natural body care

In a Reusable Package

We’re here to disrupt the bar soap industry. DirtyBird Energy comes to the scene with new ideas and ingredients, but our underlying soap-making process has been passed down from a long line of passionate soap makers. So customers get an effective soap, formulated by professionals, with our unique and all-natural twist.

The Soap

Research shows the majority of the ingredients in soap are absorbed directly into the skin. So we made a high-performance soap bar full of sustainably sourced, natural oils—like palm, coconut and peppermint—and infused with useful and aromatic essential oils.

The Caffeine

The antioxidant properties of coffea arabica are great for your skin. When it’s absorbed, the caffeine energizes and tightens your skin for overall better skin health and appearance. Not to mention, it gives you a little extra pep.


Our body care products come packaged in our patented reusable container that is more robust and portable than ever. Once twisted shut, you can take our soap anywhere—the gym, camping, traveling, anywhere.

Portland Based

DirtyBird Energy was created to disrupt the bar soap industry

Our three pillars

Each decision is anchored by three crucial pillars: family, health and productivity. 

DirtyBird Energy uses sustainable manufacturing methods and sources only natural ingredients to improve health and performance for current and future generations.


We only create products that are safe and healthy for all families, and we strive to improve the lives of those we love. This includes sourcing natural ingredients, and manufacturing our products in a sustainable manner, to benefit future generations.


We’re taking a stand against traditional bar soaps and body wash that contain synthetic and harmful chemicals. We’re committed to creating a soap using only high-quality, natural, healthy ingredients. Like palm and coconut oils to cleanse and hydrate, essential oils to soothe and heal, biodegradable exfoliating beads to smooth skin, and a dash of caffeine to energize.


We’re committed to creating body care products that increase productivity and performance in busy individuals. Whatever keeps you busy—family, career, hobbies, training —we want you performing at your best. Each of our recipes are concocted with natural ingredients in an effort to support your goals and intentions.