Get the products you need from the places who care

One of DirtyBird’s primary values is to reduce our impact on the environment. And as we strive to implement recyclable packaging, we also want to ensure that our merchandise is sourced responsibly as well. 

As such, our bottle, mug, and climate+ tumbler all come from MiiR. A company driven to reduce their emissions to net zero in 2023 as well as deliver products that have a long and enduring lifespan with the hope of avoiding hyperconsumersim. In addition, DirtyBird’s travel kits are made 100% in the USA and are designed with canvas material versus other synthetic sources. As well, our travel kit is union mande, manufactured by Workers United. 

At DirtyBird, we’re always looking to learn, to Do Better and Be Better. We’re always looking to make the necessary changes to be a more sustainable and responsible brand. And as we move forward, we hope to continue this journey and we appreciate the customers who both help us and support us along the way! Throughout this journey, we strive to get the products you need from the places who care and as we grow as a brand and as a company, we want to ensure that our customers are prepared for what life has to throw at them!