The Best Soap with "Broad Stripes & Bright Stars"

Now embracing the red, white and clean, our Stars & Stripes Series is here to bring out the patriot in you. Providing you three, new, and united bars, our Stars & Stripes lineup will ensure that you get an enriched lather that both hydrates and nourishes your skin. 

See our Valor Bar: formulated with a crimson red color to resonate with the values of strength and hardiness, this soap is jam-packed with the tangy scent of, blood orange, sweet orange and tangerine. Guaranteeing an aromatic wash every time. 

As well, check out our Purity Bar. The perfect soap to freshen up your day! Giving you an invigorating blend of lemon, mint, cypress, and glycerin, this bar soap will have you smelling pristine and your skin feeling both soft and rejuvenated. 

And last, but certainly not least, take a look at our Vigilance Bar. Sporting a deep blue color to symbolize the value of perseverance, this bar soap lives up to its name, giving you a long-lasting lather that not only cleans but hydrates your skin. In addition, this bar is inspired by the strong and appealing scents of the ocean, providing you a punchy scent of lime, eucalyptus, and lavender with every wash. 

Try out our new Limited EditionStars & Stripes Series today and see if there’s a new contender for your favourite soap.