What’s New in the Roost? Pacific Northwest Collection

How do you put your appreciation for the Pacific Northwest into words? Easy, you don’t. You make bar soaps instead. 

Introducing our Special Edition Adventure Series: Pacific Northwest Collection. Available exclusively on our Build Your Own Bundle platform. 

Formulated from sustainably-sourced, all-natural ingredients, these soaps represent everything the Pacific Northwest stands for: strong pines, rainy days in the wilderness and evenings around the campfire. We threw in some smokey bourbon for good measure.

Here at the Roost, we call Oregon home.The PNW is where we work, where we play and where we raise our families. Enjoy these good-for-you, special edition bar soaps.

Bourbon Campfire

A little woodsy, a little sweet, with a bit of an edge—just like the PNW. This 100-percent natural soap is loaded with the anti-inflammatory and calming properties of cedarwood oil, to leave you feeling—and smelling—fresh. The bourbon disinfects to keep you squeaky clean, and is just smoky enough to leave you reminiscing of comforting campfires. Ultra-hydrating, this recipe contains 30% moisturizing ingredients that keep your skin soft and supple.

Rain Storm
Ever stood in the forest and listened to the rain fall on the trees? We’ve captured those scents and that mood-boosting experience in our Rain Storm bar soap. Rich, earthy patchouli essential oil promotes relaxation and heals damaged skin. Lemon essential oil gives a burst of brightness that’s known to fight exhaustion and energize. And peppermint oil soothes the skin and awakens the senses. 


Pine Grit

Name one thing that more accurately represents the PNW wilderness than the strength and smell of pine trees. We’ll wait. This bar soap is full of all-natural body care ingredients, like activated charcoal to purify, and gritty jojoba beads to exfoliate. Inflammation won’t stand a chance against pine essential oil, and citrus essential oil will promote relaxation and uplift your mood.


Order you Adventure Series Bar Soap today! Available exclusively on our Build Your Own Bundle platform!