Performance Grade Body Lotion

Natural. Aromatic. Supercharged!

It's time to get outside! Get out to play, to compete, to get down right dirty. These are the days that I find I need my DIRTYBIRD Original Energy soap the most. And now, I can carry that energy with me all day with the all new PERFORMANCE GRADE Body Lotion.


Here are three reasons why you should add this supercharged lotion to your cart!

Essential Oils and Botanicals: Whether it is the uplifting scent of peppermint or soothing power of eucalyptus and arnica, we lean into the power of nature to get you performing at your best.

Ethically Sourced Coffee Arabica:  Do you ever wake up and think if you could, you'd bathe in coffee? I'm with you. That's why I leave my Original soap on my skin a little longer to give myself a boost. And that's why it was important to have it in the lotion. Let that energy soak into your skin!

Prebiotics: You read that right. You might not know this, but prebiotics are essentially food that is consumed by probiotics. So why do you need it on your skin? Applying prebiotics on your skin helps probiotics do their job! That means your skin is balanced and strong by restoring a healthy microbiome balance.