DIRTYBIRD ENERGY Activate Soap - 6 Pack

Activate Soap - 6 Pack

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Three little words: NEVER RUN OUT. It's obvious that you have tried our NEW! Activate Soap and now you are addicted. Don't be embarrassed, we are too!

Our 6 Pack now includes 1 improved screw top case along with a 5 pack refill tube.  We want to do our part in protecting this wonderful planet.  After talking to many of our loyal customers, we found that most people do not need a case with every bar of soap.  So we brought in the Recycled Paper Tubes to support getting your soap to you in a more earth friendly way and can help you save a little money.  We also made our case a little more robust since you will want them to last longer.  While we were at it we made them easier to open with a a screw top as well!  

New to The DirtyBird Energy Lineup: ACTIVATE

More specifically, activated charcoal for a nice detox with the perfect blend of mint and citrus to kickstart your shower and help you recover sore muscles.  This is THE SOAP to fully activate, recover and purify your energy. 

This bar also features our record-breaking 1/3 moisturizing ingredient formula, the creamy cleansing bar delivers a rich dose of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to the top layers of your skin.  Eradicate feelings of rough, flaky dryness while ACTIVATE transforms your body's protective shield, leaving it looking comfortably soft and supple.  

Details & Ingredients:

Saponified Coconut Oil and sustainable palm oil (saponified means oil turned into soap), glycerin (skin softener), water, saponified cocoa butter, butyrospermum parkii (more shea butter), aloe, bergamot, orange, lemon, spearmint and peppermint essential oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerol monolaurate, sodium chloride and gluconate (salts), cocoa seed butter (even more butter), vitamin e, potassium caprylate/potassium capricate (odor protection), rosemary leaf extract, potassium cocoate (salt from coconut oil), citric acid, and, of course, green coffee beans (caffeine).

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